Isnin, 10 Oktober 2011


, storie again ! lame i ta update blog en ? hihi ^^ . actually i da break nun capital F , maybe we're not in the same way . membe bule jadi boyfie ? ta calah en ? that's the topic that i wanna to share with uolls dude . i'm fallin in lafch with my bestie . ohmygosh ! heard weird ryte ? but it's true . he makes me smile when i look into his eyes..he always be patient with my behaviour . i lafch you biey   another 12 days we're already in a month . hopely ur relationship will long lasting . i'm so sorie coz always make you angry with me . hehe you know me as well ryte ? besides , we're 3 years know each other . PMR already gone juz have to wait for the result only .biey , natink to say ryte now coz i really lafch you . may Allah bless both of us and ur fwenz with their owns partner . ur friendship will not ends here even we separated ohkeii . emuaaaaaahh for you biey .  

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